ISO 27001 Certification – The fastest growing certification in the world

ISO 27001 certification is already the biggest growth in the last 3 years, according to ISO. There are several factors for this to occur, including data protection regulations around the world, but not just them.

ISO 27001 certification is characterized by the implementation of an information security management system in accordance with regulatory requirements and the applicability of controls. ISO 27001 certification provides the organization with the possibility of implementing robust controls for the security of information and data.

ISO 27001 certification is based on the main standard of the ISO 27000 series, in the series there are other extension standards that are currently in evidence such as ISO 27701 – Data privacy, ISO 27017 – Cloud security, ISO 27018 – Cloud data privacy, among others. In this case, ISO 27001 certification could be extended to these standards. First the organization needs to be certified to ISO 27001 and then or during an initial certification to extend to these standards.

ISO 27701, for example, is one of the most commented standards in the world today, this because it was designed to fully comply with the European GDPR, and as the LGPD (Brazil) – General Data Protection Law, was based on the European reference, consequently the regulation seeks to meet the LGPD.


Why is ISO 27001 certification in evidence in the world?

As mentioned above, ISO 27001 has a service framework for LGPD, GDRP and several other global laws, so this is one of the main reasons for organizations to seek an international reference, such as ISO 27001 certification, to meet these legal requirements. and regulatory.

Another important point is the concern of the major players in the market with the security of information handled by their business partners / suppliers, this is one of the main factors for the growth of ISO 27001 in the world. There are several large certified companies such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Huawei, among others, so these major players charge their business partners to be certified, so that they have more security of how information is treated and manipulated.

We cannot fail to mention, the very pressure and concern of society with the manipulation of data, so this is also a factor that companies that work in B2C seek certification and demonstrate to their customers these controls.


How do I get ISO 27001 certification for my organization?

The decision to seek certification must be a strategic decision of the company, therefore, it must come from top management. Like any project, the success factor is the commitment of business leaders.

The initial kick-off of the project must undergo a gap analysis, so the certification body will use the same techniques as a certification audit and identify gaps in terms of meeting the ISO 27001 certification. It is important to note that this process it is not advisory, that is, at no time will the certification body auditor tell you how to resolve the gaps but will score the gaps to obtain ISO 27001 certification.

After this stage, the organization makes the decision whether to use its internal workforce to implement the gaps of ISO 27001 certification or hire a consultancy to assist in the implementation and obtaining of ISO 27001 certification.

After the implementation is completed, the company again calls the certification body, which will carry out the initial ISO 27001 certification audit, divided into two phases, phase 1 (document audit) and phase 2 (process audit). At the end of these audits, the lead auditor of the certification body will recommend or not the certification, if recommended, the organization receives its certificate valid for 3 years, subject to annual certification audits. If the auditor does not recommend the certification, the company will need to undergo a follow-up audit to show the corrective actions indicated.


With ISO 27001 certification, how can I disclose?

Once certified, the company can disclose its certification seals in e-mail, business card, website signatures, etc. The disclosure of the certification is extremely important, as it demonstrates the society and the interested parties the competitive differential in relation to the competitors.

Despite the ISO 27001 certification being the fastest growing certification in the world in the last 3 years, there are not many certified companies, but the ISO 27001 certification is a very big market differential, and its importance increases with each passing year.

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