New Cyber Challenges and The Importance of Protecting Your Organization’s IT

It stands for information technology, and while it usually implies computers, it includes a broader range of networks and layers of all systems within an organization. Presently, your organization’s IT infrastructure can include your internet, phone, applications, databases, servers, hardware, operating systems, among others. Read on to learn about the importance of IT protection and making sure your data is safe.

Our dependence to technology continues to grow. According to IBM, consequently, cyber challenges have not only increased in number, but they have also grown up. Nowadays, threats have matured and “they are taking advantage of multiple attack points in your system and network.” Furthermore, it is estimated by industry experts that annual losses from cybercrime could rise to USD 2 trillion by 2020.

Why are cyber challenges such a big deal? Information is one of the most valuable assets any organization can have and protecting your organization’s IT is of extreme importance. Cyber challenges and risks can involve data breaches, being hacked and losing everything, security breaches, ransomware attacks, data corruption, unauthorized access, etc. Not to mention the costs of recovering from such attacks can be very high.

International standards play an important role in protecting your organization’s IT. This is where ISO 27001 comes in, the information security management systems (ISMS) standard. According to ISO, it remains as “one of the most effective risk management tools for fighting off the billions of attacks that occur each year.”

All companies want to take control of cyber risks, but yes, it sounds complex! You need a framework to carry out all the controls that are required. Implementing an information security management system helps because ISO 27001 clearly defines how to manage information security in the first place. It is already popular in the rest of the world and is now gaining momentum here in the United States.

Moreover, ISO 27001 helps protect your organization’s IT because the standard is based on risk assessment, and it can be easily customizable to the needs of your organization while focusing on the most crucial issues.

If you need assistance with building an ISMS at your organization, or are interested in obtaining ISO 27001 certification, please contact us here. We are glad to help!

QMS Certification

QMS Certification

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