3 Ways Endomarketing Can Help In Your Management System

Ever felt that strange atmosphere in your company where employees do not like to interact and even less collaborate in your management system? Well, endomarketing can help.


What is endomarketing?

You’ve probably already done some marketing actions to engage your clients or prospects; endomarketing follows the same concept, except that the marketing actions are geared towards the company internally and the employees. The goal is to create actions to improve communication between departments, promote collaboration and engagement embracing the company’s vision and goals.


What is considered action in endomarketing?

We have to keep in mind that most companies work 5 days a week full time, probably more time than you spend anywhere else. It is therefore clear that it is not enough to carry out a one-time single action and be satisfied. Endomarketing is continuous work, guaranteeing the well-being of the employees in the work environment. Below are some examples.

There are many things you can do to promote wellness in the workplace. Some continuous actions you can implement are:

  • Weekly meeting with employees to align tasks and promote team interaction
  • Happy hours
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Provide trainings and workshops
  • Create experiences that can be delivered professionally
  • Introduce a health program designed to increase physical activity or even improve dietary habits
  • Provide discounts to fitness clubs
  • Encourage coffee breaks

In addition to continuous actions, you can also implement punctual actions on specific dates which serve as complements. Below are some examples.

  • Voluntary blood drives
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Holiday parties

Let’s look at how can endormarketing help my management system.


Loyalty and commitment

Imagine that you work in a place where you like your coworkers, even consider some of them your friends, earn a reasonable salary, feel valued and your quality of life is great. Having all this, you will not want to look for another job, you will fight for the goals of that company, then become a loyal and committed employee.


Increased productivity

A study led by Andrew Oswald of the University of Warwick (UK) found that happy employees are 12% more productive. It seems obvious when we read this phrase, but many companies do not internalize this and drive their actions on the basis of pressure. When we are happy we are more focused, have more energy, and we are even more creative.


Organizational climate

The management system as already indicated in the name itself, is a system, and for it to work it is necessary that all the parts fulfill their role with mastery. For this, a good organizational climate is necessary, involving all employees where team members are encouraged to help each other.

You are probably thinking “and now, where do I start?” It should be noted that endomarketing should be implemented gradually and it really has to do with your team. You can start by asking yourself the question, “what could I do to make my employees happier?” to then filter out the possible actions and put them in practice.

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