Promote your ISO certification with b2b marketing

B2b marketing is business to business marketing, that is, when a company sells / markets to other companies. If this is the case for your company, it is through this path that you can spread the ISO certification in your company.

B2b marketing is very important to promote ISO certification, regardless of the Standard certified in your company (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 37001, etc.). It is important to emphasize that the certification is to be disseminated and promotes a great differential.

Some ways of disclosing your certification through b2b marketing are known, but even so, few companies apply it. Here are some examples:


Disclosure on an exclusive page on your website

As we are talking about b2b marketing, the website is the location of your company on the internet, it is through it that other companies will search about your products and services. Therefore, dedicate an exclusive page on ISO certification, explain on this page the origin of the ISO certified standard, a timeline of your certification project and of course the copy of the certificate and the certification logos.


Certification logos

As mentioned above, in addition to the disclosure of logos on the website, these can be used on business cards, company folders, uniforms, stickers in fleets, etc. Pay special attention to your certification body’s procedure for using the certification logo. Each body has a different criterion, so this process is a mandatory rule in b2b marketing for disclosure of certification.



The certificate is the certificate of credibility on that theme of the management system, be it quality, environment, safety or any other matter, so disclose your certificate. Make prints on stainless steel plates and advertise at your company reception, meeting room and any other place visible to visitors. Remember that when it comes to b2b marketing, your business partner will definitely visit you one day.


E-mail marketing

At a minimum, your company will be audited annually, so use email marketing to do your b2b marketing, inform your partners about the current year’s audit and disclose the renewal of your certification.

In addition to improving your processes, as mentioned, ISO certification promotes a competitive advantage, so spread the word about your certification. Get in touch with QMS and find out how we can help you get certified, so you can apply these tips once certified.

QMS Certification

QMS Certification

QMS is an accredited third party certification body, it is currently present in 33 countries and focuses on the certification of management systems. QMS America is managed by the US office and has consistently grown in market recognition by technical level, customer satisfaction and competitive pricing.

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