Acting in certifications and training of management systems against bribery, QMS determines the following::

• The payment and receipt of bribery, as well as any practice that leads to the understanding of bribery in the conduction of certification audit services is prohibited;

• All employees are guided by the code of ethics both from QMS and the Anti-Bribery Management System;

• Comply with applicable anti-corruption laws and other requirements that are applicable to the organization;

• Any withdrawal of reported anti-bribery concern will be investigated, dealt with and the complainant will not be subjected to any retaliation;

• The QMS anti-bribery compliance function has full independence and authority in accordance with the requirements of ISO 37001;

• Meet the requirements of the Anti-Bribery Management System;

• Continuously improve the Anti-Bribery Management System;

• Failure to comply with the anti-bribery policy and the requirements of the management system will result in disciplinary actions under existing laws.