The QMS team is here to help you through the certification process from beginning to end. For management systems certification, there is a simple step by step process to be followed – as explained below.


Before creating a proposal, our team must gather important information about your company to determine the number of audit days required for your certification. These factors include your certified scope of activities, number of employees, business locations and applicability of requirements of your chosen standard(s).

Optional Pre-Audit Assessment

A company has the option of conducting a pre-assessment audit which is performed before a certification audit takes place. This pre-assessment audit determines the degree of conformance of an organization’s management system(s) with the requirements of a standard. No formal report is generated at this stage.

Initial Stage 1 Audit

The objective of a Stage 1 Audit is to determine an organization’s readiness for their Stage 2 Certification Audit. This assessment reviews your current management system arrangements and verifies how close you are to meeting your chosen standard’s requirements. Here, the auditor will obtain information about the organization’s processes, documents, operations, and scope of management systems in place including its control.

Initial Stage 2 Audit

The objective of a Stage 2 Audit is to recommend the company for certification. The auditor conducts a thorough assessment of the company’s implementation of the management system and seeks evidence that the organization is following the documentation (policies, procedures, etc.). A comprehensive report is provided, detailing all areas of conformity or non-conformity. If no major non-conformances are issued, the auditor will recommend your organization for certification.

QMS must carry out a formal technical review of both stage 1 and 2 audits to then form a final decision for certification. If, for some reason, certification is refused this decision must be in writing and made available to the client.

Surveillance Audits

For the following 2 years, surveillance audits are required to verify the ongoing implementation and maintenance of your management system and ensure ongoing compliance with the standard(s). The frequency of surveillance audit depends on many factors (such as size and scope of the organization, number of certified location, etc.), but typically will be performed annually.

Surveillance assessments are typically a smaller audit, focusing on key areas of the standard. A report is provided, detailing all areas of conformance or non-conformance. If no major non-conformances are issued, your certification status will be maintained.


3 years after the initial audit, we are required to perform a recertification audit. This process is similar to the initial stage 2 audit and is analyzed in accordance with all the requirements of the Standard. A comprehensive report is provided, detailing all areas of conformance or non-conformance. If no major non-conformances are issued, the assessor will recommend continuation of certification.

Stage 1 Audit → Stage 2 Audit → Certification Recommended → Certification Decision → Certificate Awarded (3 years)