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Advantages of being certified in an ISO Management System

We know that the decision to be certified in an ISO Management System requires planning and caution. The process is usually long and involves changes and costs for the organization.

In addition, there are several standards that operate in different areas of the company. 9001 for Quality Management. 14000 for environmental impacts. ISO 37001 for anti-bribery management. 45001 for employee health and safety. This factor can be a little intimidating and make the decision to seek a standard even more difficult.

However, in this article I want to explain why getting certified in an ISO management system is a strategic decision. More than that, a strategic decision that makes sense for your company and that will help your organization achieve incredible results.

There are several reasons that prove this, but I will stick to the top 3.

Customers with commercial requirements

It is not uncommon for many companies to literally require some certification when closing their deals. This is especially true for large organizations, which employ very strict and mature purchasing processes.
ISO Management Systems can also be used as proof of quality as they are part of an international organization;

Competitive advantage for your company

Apart from cases of commercial requirement, the simple fact that your company is certified by some ISO, by itself, already brings an important competitive differential. Even though they are widespread, not many companies have certifications with international standards.

Although there is no requirement, having an ISO Management System is a competitive advantage and will be taken into account in any negotiation. That way, you can leave many competitors behind by having an important certification in your company.

Process improvement

We have seen that many companies and the government may require your company to be certified in an ISO Management System, otherwise they will not buy from you. Likewise, even if there is no requirement, having an ISO certificate will help you close more deals. The question now is: why does this happen? After all, these are just standards, aren’t they?

What happens is that ISO standards are purely aimed at improving processes and the company as a whole. When you are certified, for example, in an environmental management system (ISO 14001), your entire company needs to better control the environmental impacts it causes.

For this, it is necessary that the company, as a whole, makes a conscious management of the waste and materials it uses. Here, conscious means organized, careful and planned. As a result, all processes will need to undergo improvements to help achieve this objective: manage environmental impacts.

Contrary to what many people think, this change in awareness and reorganization of processes will not only affect the environmental impact, but the entire result of the company. From the moment we think, for example, about the amount of discarded material, we also stop to think about how to reduce that number. This generates a reduction in the environmental impact, but also reduces raw material costs and increases corporate profits.

This happens with all ISO standards. By stopping and turning to the processes, the company promotes improvements and advances in organization and standardization. So, this returns to the company in the form of reduced rework, better use of labor, less waste, and a number of other benefits.

By becoming certified in an ISO Management System, your company grows!

As stated at the beginning of the text, getting certified in an ISO management system is an important decision, in addition, not all ISO standards will adhere to their context. However, I hope I have shown how much your company can profit from this process.

Also, if you need help, know that QMS America has its doors open. We are a certifier present in more than 33 countries worldwide and our mission is to build a stronger society through certifications!
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QMS Certification

QMS Certification

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