ISO 22301:2019

Business Continuity Management System

ISO 22301 Certification Business continuity management system is an international standard based on requirements that provides security and resilience for a business, regardless of the structure or segment. The certification aims to offer tools for the control and protection of extraordinary situations for businesses.

Implementation of robust controls regarding the occurrence of incidents

Recovery of operating capacity in a way that does not have major business impacts

Compliance with international business continuity regulations

Increased security and visibility of business by stakeholders

To check your organization’s ability to attend its own continuity strategies

Why should your company have ISO 22301 certification?

The ISO 22301 Certification System for Business Management and Continuity aims to ensure the perpetuity of operations in the event of incidents. Allows the organization to act preventively in terms of identifying risks, protecting the integrity of people, business and in continuity strategies to quickly recover operational capacity in the event of an incident.

QMS and ISO 22301 Certification

ISO Registrar

QMS’s principle is to BUILD A STRONGER SOCIETY THROUGH CERTIFICATIONS and adopting this Standard in our portfolio is a consequence of our values, permeating organizations and society.

Qualification of

QMS constantly qualifies its auditors and has extremely qualified auditors with experience in management and continuity strategies.


We have a structured, validated and continuously improved process at an international level, which improves contacts, resolves doubts, schedules, and issues certificates.

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