ISO 56002:2019

Innovation Management System

This standard aims to standardize terminologies, tools, methods and interactions between the parties involved in innovation. With the need to standardize these items, the 163 ISO members for innovation standards, has sought to verify best practices and develop a new world-class standard.

Become a reference and model company for innovation in the market. Create products with higher added value.

Greater stakeholder engagement focused on innovation and management of all insights generated by the company’s employees.

39% of companies that innovate and differentiate have made changes to their corporate strategy.

Expansion of the company’s market share. Innovative companies are 16% more likely to export.

Easy integration with other world-class ISO standards.

Why should your company have ISO 56002 certification?

The standard is a compilation of more than 10 years of ISO studies, where 163 countries have contributed best practices in innovation. From these guidelines came the ISO 56002, which is a standard for innovation management and has full adherence to the changes that are taking place, mainly due to the arrival of the new industrial revolution, industry 4.0.

The Innovation Management System is easily integrated with other world class standards (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, among others). This standard is a simpler, less costly, and much faster option for changing a company’s mindset and preparing it for ever-faster-changing marketplace changes.

Today 50% of companies in the United States and Europe are ready for industry 4.0. In China and India this number drops to 25%
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QMS and ISO 56002 Certification

Pioneer in
ISO 56002:2019

QMS is a pioneer in ISO 56002 certification. We have participated in its preparation in the ISO technical committee, ISO / TC 279.

Qualification of

QMS auditors have specific training in innovation, Industry 4.0 and new technologies. In addition to a thorough knowledge of the requirements of ISO 56002 and the audit process.

The Right

QMS is an innovative registrar. The adoption of this Standard to our product portfolio is a logical consequence aligned to our values and mission.

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