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Enhance your company’s environmental performance with ISO 14001

Many companies are interested in enhancing their environmental performance and achieve corporate sustainability. Getting certified in ISO 14001 is a great starting point.

ISO 14001 is an international environmental standard that sets forth requirements for companies to follow in order to control and mitigate environmental threats and harms that are present within their business activities and practices. By implementing an environmental management system, a company is contributing to the pillar of environmental sustainability, defeating a challenge that many business face today.

Like all Management System Standards, the implementation process is based on the PDCA (Plan, Do Check and Act) cycle, where there are requirements for planning, operation, verification and actions. The latest version o the standard is more contemporary and it’s aligned with the business strategy of companies.


How does ISO 14001 change the company after certification?


We can highlight two main changes that enhance your company’s environmental performance:

Environmental legislation – Without a doubt, this is the main change that a company obtains when it is certified in ISO 14001. The company will first get to know all the laws applicable to its business and subsequently take actions to comply with them, thus complying with the environmental legislation and reducing risks of fines and lawsuits.


Environmental controls– Establishing control is a great way to enhance your company’s environmental performance. ISO 14001 certification establishes that operational controls must be implemented in an environmental management system. These controls converge with legislation, but can be implemented separately. Examples of operational controls in an organization are controls for the discharge of liquids, gaseous effluents, waste and recyclable management, among others.


Enhancing your company’s environmental performance brings along some of the following benefits:

  • Control of environmental aspects and impacts of the organization
  • Positive image of the organization
  • Competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Knowledge and compliance with applicable legal requirements
  • Customer confidence
  • Market opportunities
  • Reduced costs

Learn more about enhancing your company’s environmental performance at: https://qms-certification.com/iso-14001-certification/.


QMS Certification

QMS Certification

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