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ISO 56002: New Standard Aims to Certify Truly Innovative Companies

The business world is constantly shaken by change. So much so that most companies are looking to invest in innovation. The desire is to innovate to conquer new markets, to be part of what is transforming the world, and to grow and adapt to an ever changing, complex world. However, despite the growing interest of American companies in this area, there are still many doubts about what is, in fact, innovation, and who really innovates.

A new ISO standard which should be finalized in the first half of 2019 aims to clarify all these questions. ISO 56002 intends to allow this real classification between what is innovation and what is not. It is an international certification that aims to ensure that innovation is not just a goal but a culture inherent to the company’s daily life. The certification proposal is to create a policy capable of supporting the organization in the development of new processes.

The Technical Innovation Committee was created by the Organization in 2008, when research began to elaborate a specific norm for the subject. By 2013, the committee had already raised all the innovation standards of the associated countries. Beginning of 2015, the meetings began to elaborate the standard. After several revisions and changes, the text was finally approved on June 5th. The publication is still in the process of being finalized, but is due to take place soon.

Broadly speaking, the standard says that innovation is the introduction of products, processes, methods or systems to the market that did not exist before, or contain some new and different characteristics. Furthermore, it evaluates six pillars of innovation: visionary leadership, management of insights, risk management, adaptive culture, realization of value and process approach. Based on this new model created, the standard will create a management tool based on a policy for innovation, set goals and decide metrics to quantify and qualify the results.

The company will go through a diagnostic phase, where it will identify if the innovation culture already exists and needs only adaptations, or if the certification will serve as a tool to implement this new mindset. The next phase sets a timeline, which varies from case to case, since it is completely customized for each company.

All types of companies can – and should – pursue ISO 56002 to ensure that their innovation management processes follow the best practices in the world. This will be a great opportunity to transform American companies, disseminating innovative ways to face the challenges that are being imposed by modernity every day. Companies have realized that the world has changed and they need to change together to stay active.

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