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ISO TS 37008 Internal Investigations Global Standards for Corporate Governance

ISO TS 37008 Internal Investigations – Corporate Governance

Discover how ISO TS 37008 revolutionizes internal investigations within organizations. In this article, explore the impact of this technical specification on global corporate governance practices.


In this article, we will discuss ISO TS 37008, a technical specification addressing internal investigations within organizations. Before delving into the details of this standard, it is essential to understand its nature. When ISO uses “ISO” followed by “TS,” it indicates that this is a Technical Specification, not a traditional standard. Therefore, ISO TS 37008 establishes technical standards for internal investigations within organizations, providing clarity and guidelines for this process.

This technical specification is part of the ISO 37000 family, encompassing various standards and guidelines related to corporate governance. This family includes certified standards such as ISO 37001 for Anti-Bribery Management Systems and ISO 37301 for Compliance Management Systems, along with other standards and guidelines that assist companies in corporate governance practices.


The Significance of ISO TS 37008

ISO TS 37008 is a unique and exclusive reference regarding internal investigations. Prior to its creation, organizations relied on internal frameworks and standards to conduct investigations. There was no ISO standard that provided specific guidance on this crucial aspect of corporate governance.

The objective of this standard is to standardize the processes of internal investigations within organizations on a global scale. It is important to note that ISO TS 37008 does not provide certifications for companies, as it is a technical specification, not a requirements standard. However, organizations can use the guidelines established in this specification to enhance their investigation processes, increasing their maturity and effectiveness.


Key Points of ISO TS 37008

ISO TS 37008 addresses various aspects of internal investigations within organizations. We will summarize the key points covered by the standard:

  • Principles of Internal Investigation: Just like ISO 37000 for Corporate Governance, ISO TS 37008 establishes fundamental principles to guide the internal investigation process.
  • Support for Internal Investigations: The standard defines policies and processes that must be implemented to provide effective support for internal investigations, considering the necessary sensitivity and impartiality.
  • Policies, Procedures, and Reports: ISO TS 37008 provides guidelines for establishing policies, procedures, and processes related to the conduct and reporting of investigations. It emphasizes the importance of maintaining accurate and transparent records.
  • Communication of Findings: The standard guides how to communicate the results of internal investigations, highlighting the importance of transparency and confidentiality.
  • Continuous Improvement Cycle: ISO TS 37008 encourages the application of corrective measures based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle to continuously improve internal investigation processes.



ISO TS 37008 plays a crucial role in the global landscape of internal investigations within organizations. It is the primary tool for standardizing and enhancing these processes, providing clear guidelines to ensure effective corporate governance.

In the near future, ISO TS 37008 is expected to become the global reference for internal investigations, and companies seeking to maintain a high standard of corporate governance should adopt its guidelines. Therefore, organizations should be aware and prepared to integrate the principles and guidelines of ISO TS 37008 into their internal investigation processes.

Please leave your comments below on how your organization currently handles internal investigations and how ISO 37008 can contribute to improving this process. This is an important step in strengthening corporate governance and ensuring the integrity of business operations worldwide. Stay tuned, as ISO TS 37008 is becoming a key element in the pursuit of best practices in corporate governance.

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