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Tips to improve work from home

Working from home can be challenging, but with this article you can get some tips that will help you improve your performance working from home.

Until some time ago, the home office was a form of sporadic work or in very specific areas, but then the year 2020 arrived with the Covid 19 pandemic and many workers and companies were forced to adapt to this “new ” means of work.

Gradually, things are “back to normal”. Still, many organizations decided to adopt this new method (even if not necessarily in a home office, but a hybrid system). So, many workers had to adapt to the remote work model.

It can seem very challenging to adapt this routine to an environment that was designed to be your place of relaxation and rest. However, this can be possible with proper planning. And with the reading of this article, you can be able to accomplish this. So let’s go!


What to do to make your home office productive?

Because this way of working is not so much part of our culture, people and organizations are afraid about adopting this method. Often because of the belief that work will not be as productive.

But if we think of services in which the main objective is to go to the office to work directly in front of the computer and solve things remotely, why not carry out this work in the comfort of your home, saving time and energy?

If both organizations and their employees adapt and organize themselves correctly, the results of working from home can be very positive!

So here are some tips for people working from home, for you to orient yourself and so that the work from home works in the best way.


1. Organize and establish a place to work

Working while sitting on the bed or sofa can feel very comfortable and good, but don’t fall into this trap. These places are not appropriate and will not help you to perform in your tasks. Because they can bring you back pain, because you don’t sit properly, or they can make you sleepy, which can greatly affect your performance.

If possible, invest in organizing a corner of the house that is only specific for work; with a table, chair and appropriate materials. This way, you will be able to concentrate more on completing your tasks. Oh, it’s worth mentioning, always remember to keep this place clean and organized!


2. Establish a routine with well-defined schedules

It is important to create a routine so that you don’t get lost in your tasks and also don’t exceed the time that needs to be allocated to your rest. Because, because of being at home, you can easily end up losing track of time.

It is important that companies also establish meeting times and task requests. So as not to disrupt the performance of both sides.


3. Let them know you are working

If, at the time of work, other people are also in your house, it is very important to have a conversation and establish a minimum of respect so that there are no distractions that could disturb you.

This complements our first tip! Once an appropriate place for work is established, when you are in that environment,everyone in your house will know that this is not the time to get in the way.


4. Take off your pajamas to start the day

It is not necessary that you put on a suit or social clothes to work, but the fact that you take off your pajamas and wear comfortable and appropriate clothes to wear during the day can make a total difference in your performance. .

This is because, in this way, your brain will understand that you will perform other tasks and that is not the time to rest, for example.Thus, you will be able to be more willing to fulfill your obligations.


5. Take breaks and get out of the house for a while

Leaving the house may seem controversial to the purpose of the home office, but it is very important that you establish a time of day to take a walk, have a coffee outside your home or exercise. .

This is very important for your body and mind, to have a moment of relaxation and rest. But be careful not to end up getting too distracted and putting tasks aside. Therefore, it is important to establish the times for these moments.


Extra tip for companies

So far, these tips have been aimed at workers who work from home, but we cannot forget the important role of companies in this new method of work.

Because this adaptation goes for both sides, both need to organize themselves to perform their roles in the best possible way, so here’s an extra tip:


Create a strong organizational culture

With all your employees working remotely, it’s important to have an organizational culture very well established, so that this process is as positive as possible.

The company needs to make it clear what its values, objectives, goals are and demonstrate its support and trust in its team. This helps to demonstrate that, even physically far away, the company is working so that everyone can always deliver the best result!


Home office: the new reality of many companies

Working in the office can have its advantages too, many prefer to go out to work for numerous reasons. But working in the comfort of your own home, being closer to your family, having more flexibility with your schedule, not wearing yourself out by wasting hours in traffic is a reality that many workers identify with.

This article brought just a few tips on how to be more productive and improve your performance in this work model. However, there are still many other tips that you can add and adapt according to your reality.

If you can take advantage of these tips presented, you will realize many positive aspects to become more efficient and productive at your home office.

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