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What are accredited certification bodies?

QMS is an accredited registrar, but what does that mean for you? Working with an accredited registrar gives you the assurance that their competence to audit and issue certification is recognized by an accrediting body.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certification, among others, depend on a systematic process and a certification body accredited to have due recognition.

Accreditation is a recognition that the certification process has been carried out in accordance with recognized international standards that have been audited and controlled.

Accreditation of certification bodies is governed by ISO 17021, the Standard in which bodies are audited by the accrediting body.

The accreditation body is the maximum authority to regulate the certification processes. They must be signatories to multilateral agreements of mutual recognition, this recognition exists so that there are no trade barriers and can therefore be recognized around the world. For example, JAS-ANZ, the Australian accreditation body, is recognized in the United States due to the recognition agreement of the IAF – International Accreditation Forum.

Accreditation is very easy to recognize; all you have to do is look for a logotype/seal of the accreditation body located at the footer of the certificate. If this certification has mutual recognition it may be accompanied by the IAF logo/seal .

It’s important to make sure that your registrar is accredited because of the impact that it has on the credibility of the certification. A certificate without accreditation is worth as much as a simple declaration of conformity; an accredited certification body guarantees this credibility.

Therefore, evaluate your certification body and its credibility. At QMS, one of our values ​​is “CREDIBILITY, OUR PRODUCT!” Choose a registrar that you can trust.

QMS Certification

QMS Certification

QMS is an accredited third party certification body, it is currently present in 33 countries and focuses on the certification of management systems. QMS America is managed by the US office and has consistently grown in market recognition by technical level, customer satisfaction and competitive pricing.

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