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ISO 9001 as a strategic management tool

For a long time, it has been heard that ISO 9001 is boring and / or bureaucratic, but is it just a matter of breaking paradigms or is ISO 9001 just coming to halt the processes of organizations?

 There are many negative paradigms about ISO 9001, but they are just paradigms and we will demonstrate that you will be able to see ISO 9001 as a strategic management tool.

The ISO 9001 in the last review in 2015, was described and strategically structured so that regardless of size or segment, any organization could implement or use the standard as part of strategic management.

For lovers of ISO 9001, for the curious or for you, ISO 9001 in its introduction reports in a simple language that the adoption of the management system is a strategic decision for organizations, which can assist in the performance of organizations and demonstrates in several topics the potential benefits of its implementation.

The standard is structured based on the PDCA cycle that strategically makes you think about your organization, context, customer satisfaction, products and services, needs and expectations of the interested parties, elaborate your strategic planning, implement the support processes and the operational processes, monitor the results of processes, products and services and take actions for improvements. Furthermore, as a strategic management tool, ISO 9001 presents us with items that “force” organizations to structure themselves from their definitions, change planning, post-delivery activities and the need for leadership involvement and commitment without leaving any steps involved in internal and external processes is loose or unstructured.

Finally, ISO 9001 brings us the risk mentality so that organizations can always work preventively and have time to take actions without financial, commercial and customer service impacts. It is then clear and based on what the standard itself offers us, that our initial question about ISO 9001 seen as bureaucratic and boring is just a paradigm! This is just a view of those who have not looked at the ISO 9001 standard as it really deserves and is, a strategic management tool!

QMS Certification

QMS Certification

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